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Our sight word apps feature the 512 frequently used words which are used throughout schools in grades one and two.

The Sight Word games have been designed with varying levels of difficulty. Sight Word Speak goes first and is the easiest game. It is designed for those students who are just beginning to learn their sight words (prep/kindy/ grade 1) as the game tells those students what the word is when they touch the word tile on the screen. Just think, young students can now learn their sight words when driving home from school! Sight Word Match goes 2nd.

For students who have already been exposed to the sight words, the game says the sight word then the student has to match the audio of the word to the correct word tile.

Sight Word Recall is the 3rd easiest. The game includes 10 words which the student has to find each matching pair. It reinforces a student's knowledge of their sight words by playing a game of memory.

Sight Word Jumble is the 4th and hardest game in the Sight Word App series. Now that the student has a knowledge bank of all the sight words, it is now time to start learning how to spell them. Jumble helps the child learn the spelling of these words by providing the correct letters of the word all jumbled up. After all, the English language has so many phonics and blends that sound the same but are in fact quite different (for example: 'c' & 'k', 'or' & 'aw', the list goes on). At least this way there is no guess work for the child and by eliminating this frustration a student will feel more confident when they are developing their spelling skills.

Colored Reading Lists

Our application has broken the sight words up into coloured animal reading lists.


Keep track of which lists you've completed and the number of turns it took, try to do better next time!


The words are sounded out to the student as they select each word. This helps reinforce the word to the student.

Mobile Ready

Sight Word Memory works across Apple iPhones and iPads as well as Android devices.

Sight Word Speak

Sight Word Match

Sight Word Recall

Sight Word Jumble

View our sight words

This is our collection of 27 coloured common sight words.


"Honestly peeps if U have kids, these apps are awesome"

Amber - Mother of three

"As a person who has purchased all three, Its fantastic!"

Kirstine - Teacher Aide

"Downloaded these for the kids, great to help them along with their learning!!"

Melissa - Mother
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