NSW Sight Words

Mar 2013 David General

Our Sight Word apps are broken into the colour groups that are often used in primary schools in QLD.
That's not to say that our words aren't useful for our friends in New South Wales (NSW).
The Department of Education in NSW have produced a list of basic sight and high frequency words.

Looking at the word list, you'll notice that there is a very large overlap with the words that we use in our sight word apps.


a friend it run upon
after from like said two
again gave little saw up
and get looked say us
at girl love school use
away give made see very
because goes make she was
been good me should we
before had mum so went
big have my stayed were
boy he not that what
by her of the when
came him off their where
come his on them which
could how one then who
dad I our there why
didn’t if out they will
do in over this with
down into people to you
for is play too your

If your school doesn't use the colour groupings, that's OK look at the colour grouping as a tool to help encouraging your students and children to keep unlocking levels of sight words. If you have any suggestions to improve our apps for NSW users, please let us know.

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