Sight Word App Introduction

David General

Our Sight Word games are primarily designed for students who have just begun to learn or who are in the process of learning the most common set of English words; divided into 26 different colour leveled words commonly known as Sight Words. The games provides the early learner the opportunity to actively engage with learning these words by hearing the words and by touching them on the screen. At present, there are three different sight word games:

Sight Word Speak: this provides the child with every word from a specific 'coloured list' on the screen. To hear a word the student must touch it on the screen. The game will then tell the child what that word is and will fade from the screen. The game continues like until all words in the list have been touched and subsequently spoken by the game. Once each level is completed, the next level of Sight Words is unlocked, so that the student can continue their learning. Alternatively, parents and/or teachers can opt for their student to have access to all the lists from the beginning. We do recommend however that each level of sight words be repeated a number of times to enhance the child's recognition of each set of Sight Words. The next two games should be used to compliment Sight Word Speak and to reinforce the child's new enhanced word bank.

Sight Word Match: this game also provides audible word tiles, however in this game the child will hear the word being spoken and then has to match this to the actual word tile appearing on the screen by touching the word. If the students needs to hear the word again they simply touch the play again button. Once each word has been heard and subsequently touched to provide a Sight Word Match that level is finished, whereby unlocking the next set of words. Alternatively, the teacher and/or parents can choose to have all sight word lists available to their student. Again, it is important that the student repeat each level a number of times in order to reinforce their learning.

The third game that we have developed is called Sight Word Re-call. This is very much like the traditional game of memory. Again, the game provides the child with word tiles from a specific word list on the screen. However, since most word lists have 20 words in them, the Sight Word Re-call randomly chooses only 10 of those words to be included in the game, therefore the student will need to play the game a number of times so that all of the words can be played. The 10 word pairs are placed face down on the screen, then the student plays the game much like the traditional memory game. The app will say the specific word that the child touches until all pairs are found.

Used in conjunction with each other, these three Sight Word Games provides a young learners with an engaging and progressive 'hands on' approach to learning their sight words, rather than from a piece of paper!

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