Sight Words - Our Extra Blue Text Words

Rebecca General

As previously mentioned, our sight words are a combination of Dolch Words, Dolch Nouns, sight words and high frequency words taught in many junior school classrooms (across Australia and other English speaking countries), but you'll also notice other additional words in blue text. We have chosen to add these additional words because we believe that they not only regularly appear in children's literature but are also regularly used in their everyday lives.

The extra words consist of

1) abstract nouns such as: tomorrow, fun, love, happy, idea along with several others.

2) proper nouns such as: Monday or Tuesday.

3) common nouns such as: car, sky, bath, train, beach, and more.

4) verbs such as: kick, build and push.

5) adjectives such as: yellow, thin, and gentle.

6) contraction words such as: didn't, can't and shouldn't.

7) words which don't follow typical 'phonic' decoding, such as: wear, talk, buy, lose and more.

8) words which can be decoded by using phonetic rules such as: cat, box, stay and several others. We have clearly identified our extra words by having them appear in 'blue' text which you will notice instantly by scanning through our word lists.

We have made these words appear in our Sight Word Apps games in either two ways:

1) specific words to randomly appear throughout specific levels, or

2) specific words to permanently appear within specific levels.

We will explain why this has been done in our next blog post.

However in the mean time, be on the lookout for these extra words in blue!

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