Sight Word Apps Revamped

David General

We are so pleased to report that we've updated all of our Sight Word Apps. Speak, Match and Recall now have a new look, vibrant colours, cool names for each level and more animation of the word tiles. We think that these changes will help keep a child's attention while they are playing our games. One more feature that we've added into the refreshed Sight Word Apps is complimentary phrases. Now, when a child completes a level, the game will complement them on their efforts. Even as adults, we all want to hear that we've done a great job, so we feel that our little learners will love being told that they have done a great job!

Finally, on top of the 400 words that were already in our games, we have added an additional 112 words, which have been placed throughout most of our levels. We have done this because there were 80 double up words throughout the word lists, which children had learnt in previous levels. These words are replaced with words in blue text, indicating that they are not from the original 400 words. The 'extra words' appear in most games which replace most of the double up words from that list. We have however kept some of the double up words within the word lists, which appear randomly throughout the games.

Jumble is our newest Sight Word App and offers the same exciting features as Speak, Match and Recall. Sight Word Jumble allows children to start learning how to spell their sight words by providing all of the letters to a particular sight word on the screen, however the spelling is all jumbled up. The child needs to un-jumble the word by tapping on the letters in their correct order however depending on how many letters there are, the app will provide the child with a 'hint' button, just incase they get stuck. This should enhance a child's confidence.

We love the new look and game play of all of our Sight Word Apps and hopefully you and your little learner will too!

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